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Blue Ocean Supply


Blue Ocean Supply is an Fully-Featured E-Commerce web platform allowing customers to purchase biodegradable and eco-friendly food and beverage accessories.


The task presented to us was to create a design that was appealing to the eye and still have the website complete its main function which is to take orders and subscriptions.


We created a Wordpress website with Elementor and Woocommerce integrated. The products have been imported with their prices , descriptions, and variations. All while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic and fully engaging the audience and making easier conversions.


Client has responded with positive affirmations and has noted site visitations and impressions on Google Search have improved.

Other Portfolio Items


Coprotex Textiles

One of our newest and prestigious clients: Coprotex; We handle the daily operation of their main website and social media accounts so the can focus on increatsing operation and efficiency within their business.


Blue Ocean Supply

Live sustainably with Blue Ocean Supply,


Soul Psychology Readings

New Age and Holistic Healing for better understanding of the soul.


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