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Coprotex Textiles


Coprotex is a manufacturing company based out of Yucat√°n Mexico. Relevant Marketing is responsible for handling all of their digital media such as content creation, website creation and maintenance, social media management and even marketing.


Their challenge presented to us was to create a dynamic strategy to increase their online presence and to appear professional and established.


We came up with a strategy to revamp their existing website, fully renovate their social media pages and buy-and-large, maintain the website and social media platforms for further analyse engagements and increase conversions.


The results are ongoing but have received numerous feedback with how great the marketing, social media, and website all look and greatly reflect their brand and likeness.

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Coprotex Textiles

One of our newest and prestigious clients: Coprotex; We handle the daily operation of their main website and social media accounts so the can focus on increatsing operation and efficiency within their business.


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