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Mollie Walsh

Mollie is a graduate from Syracuse University with a strong background in Sales, Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Mollie has harnessed her skills and turned them into the women-owned powerhouse that is Relevant Marketing & Events.

After moving to Jupiter, Florida in 2017, she became part of the local community as an Ambassador for the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce, Women connecting Women in Business, Women’s Executive Committee, Florida Restaurant Vendors Group and volunteers her time with, The Place of Hope, The Children’s Healing Institute of Palm Beach and Love Serving Autism.

Mollie also owns an Eco-Friendly distribution company, called Blue Ocean Supply, which was founded back in 2019. The distribution company was designed to focus on eliminating the single-use plastic usage in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Blue Ocean Supply currently sells in 14 different countries and is continually expanding into new regions of the world in their efforts to help lower the over-all consumption of plastics. Pretty Cool!

Bri Davis

Bri is an alumna of Florida State University with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and a background in events, design, and management. She is from Jupiter, FL and involved with a few organizations local to the area: Hannah's Home of South Florida, Friends of Jupiter Beach, and Chase N' Tailz Foundation.

Marina Hane

Marina is a recent graduate from Florida State University with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Communications. Marina has a background in creative design and is a wiz behind the camera. She also has created a successful business for herself as a well known South Florida Influencer.

Marina Hane

Daniel's an avid web designer with a strong background in video post-production. His true passion lies in spearheading the development of the main web presence for a start-up company, or for a business that’s already established. He enjoys the process of creating the initial design from scratch using the latest techniques and best practices for industry standards.


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